Food Safety Courses

Food Safety Courses

food_safety_posterFood safety course and Food Hygiene courses are available as on-line study. In the UK food business operators are required by law, to ensure that food handlers receive appropriate supervision and instruction/training via food safety courses and food hygiene in line with their work activity and should enable them to handle food safely.

UK food safety/hygiene certificates don not display an expiry date as it left to the discretion of the food business operator or the local environmental health officer to decide whether a refresher course is needed. However it is recommended that you annually complete a new Food safety Course to keep up to date with any changes to legislation or technological developments in food hygiene.

TSL4Training offer, via Protrainings, both level 1 and Level 2 food Safety Courses.

Level 1 Food SafetyOur Food Hygiene / Food Safety course covers all the basics on food preparation, regulations, precautions and care when preparing food for others.  The certificate is valid for 3 years and can be taken fully on-line £19.95 + vat

Legislation, Bacteriology, Contamination & StorageThis Level 2 Food safety/ Food Hygiene course is designed to meet the requirements of various regulations in food preparation and health and safety. The course covers regulations, preparation, storage, infections, cross contamination, reporting, PPE, date marks, reporting illness and basic first aid in the kitchen. The certificate is valid for 3 years and can be taken fully as an on-line training course. £24.95 + vat

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