E-Learning Courses

E-Learning Courses

On-line trainingWelcome to TSL4Training & E-Learning courses, help you expand your personal skills and knowledge.

Below you will find several training & E-Learning courses, provided by the TSL and or Protrainings

On line training and E- learning is a method of delivering educational information via the internet instead of in a physical classroom.

There are many different applications for On line training and E- learning, ranging in scope from simple downloadable content (like iTunes ) through to structured programmes that include assessment and award. All the courses we offer are accredited and fully certified.

You have 24/7 accessibility with our On line training & E-Learning courses thus making it possible for you to learn the subject at your own pace and in the comfortable settings of your own home.

Just some of our training and E- learning courses:

Pet First Aid         Security Dog First Aid        Health & Safety Training         

Food Safety/Food Hygiene Courses         Manual Handling Training

On Line Office Skills Training Courses

Holistic & Beauty – Reiki & Crystal Home study Courses